Unearth the charm of Hancock, Maine, a delightful gem situated in the scenic Downeast region of Maine. This treasure trove of stunning landscapes, profound history, and mouthwatering cuisine is waiting to be explored. Here’s a detailed guide to help you uncover all that Hancock, Maine, has to offer.

Hancock’s Hollywood Connection: Step into the World of Pet Sematary

Stephen King’s footprint on Maine is undeniable, particularly in East Hancock, Maine, the backdrop for several scenes of the renowned adaptation of his novel, Pet Sematary. Experience the tangible cinematic atmosphere that continues to pervade the iconic house at 303 Point Road, the center stage for many key scenes of this 1989 film. A visit here is a must when you’re in Hancock, Maine.

Nature at its Best at Petit Manan Wildlife Refuge

A haven for nature lovers, the Petit Manan Wildlife Refuge partly rests in Hancock County. This wildlife sanctuary boasts varied ecosystems from spruce-fir forests to coastal raised heath peatlands and from blueberry barrens to fresh and saltwater marshes. It’s a birdwatchers’ delight, hosting a wide variety of migratory songbirds and waterfowl.

Unwind and Recharge at the Wild Acadia Camping Resort

Rejuvenate after a day full of exploration at the Wild Acadia Camping Resort located in Hancock. This resort, positioned at 233 Bar Harbor Road, offers an abundance of activities, from a heated campground pool and playground to a mini-golf course, ensuring fun for all.

Stroll Down Memory Lane: The Old Pond Railway Trail

The Old Pond Railway Trail offers a peek into the days when trains were a pivotal mode of transportation. This trail, once part of the Maine Shore Line Railroad, bridges the town with Bar Harbor and is a former Victorian vacation hotspot.

Delight Your Taste Buds: Dining in Hancock, Maine

Maine takes pride in its wide-ranging culinary scene. From traditional seafood delicacies to American classics and elevated fine dining, these local restaurants promise every meal will be an experience to remember.

Chipper’s Restaurant

Known for its warm ambiance, Chipper’s serves classic American cuisine with standout options such as the surf and turf, a delightful pairing that captures the spirit of Maine. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a rural Maine, restaurant.

Ruth & Wimpy’s

With lobster as their specialty, Ruth & Wimpy’s serves lobster in more than 32 exciting ways. If you are a lobster lover, this place is a paradise. Their fresh, handpicked lobster promises a mouthwatering experience.

Crocker House

A culinary jewel in Downeast Maine, Crocker House offers an unrivaled dining experience. Open only on weekends, this inn and restaurant provide exceptional food, making it worth every penny.

Ironbound Restaurant and Inn

A must-visit dining destination in the area offering re-imagined classic American fare with a global twist. The food at Ironbound is locally sourced and crafted from scratch, providing a fresh and flavorful dining experience.

Fun in the Sun at Carter’s Beach

Seeking a beach retreat? Carter’s Beach is a local favorite. It’s the ideal spot for sunbathing, swimming, or simply soaking in the beautiful Maine coastline.

Serenity at Hancock Pond, Maine

Wind down with a tranquil visit to Hancock Pond, Maine. This serene location is perfect for fishing, canoeing, or simply basking in the tranquility of nature.

Preserving Nature’s Beauty: Frenchman Bay Conservancy in Hancock, Maine

For over three decades, Frenchman Bay Conservancy has diligently protected over 10,000 acres across Hancock, Maine, and its surrounding towns. The organization’s commitment to preserving the stunning natural beauty of Hancock County, Maine, is evident in the year-round public access it provides to over 30 miles of hiking trails, scenic vistas, and beaches.

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