Salt Air Properties is Hiring Stay Experience Team Members! Spring 2024 to Early Autumn 2024

Downeast Maine is becoming increasingly popular every year. People from all over the country and the world are coming to see our beautiful forests, coastlines, and towns. They’re staying in vacation rentals to feel at home while they explore. This means we need to make sure every guest has a wonderful time and wants to come back and continue to invest in our local economy. At Salt Air Properties, we’re all about giving our guests the best stay possible. We do this by taking good care of the places they stay, making sure every home is just perfect.

We’re excited to announce that we’re looking for new team members to help us! We’ll be at the Job Fair at Ellsworth High School on April 30th (ONLY FOR STUDENTS). We’re looking for local young people who want to work with us this summer. It’s a great chance to be part of a team that makes vacations special for tourists visiting Ellsworth and Downeast Maine.

How to Apply
Open Positions
At this time (4/8/2024), we have the following positions available:
Stay Experience Team Members
Laundry and Inventory Associate (part-time, 6-hour shifts)
The Role of Stay Experience Team Members
Our Stay Experience Team Members are super important to us. They help get our homes ready for guests. This means making sure everything is clean and looks nice, just as our guests expect it when they arrive. Our team members do things like cleaning, setting up the home, and making sure everything is in its place.

Being part of this team means you need to care about the details and want to make things look great. It’s also essential to be positive and ready to help out. We work together to solve problems and make sure our guests have a fantastic time. We also have training and team meetings to help everyone learn and grow.

Working with us is not just about cleaning; it’s about creating a place where guests can relax and enjoy their vacation. It’s a big job, but it’s also gratifying. You get to be part of making someone’s vacation special. Plus, you’ll learn a lot and be part of a great team.
Expectations & Qualifications
While this is an entry-level job with our organization, we have a few expectations. Prospective employees should:

Have reliable transportation
Have a clean track record with no criminal history – We take the trust of our guests and property owners seriously
Be able to lift up to 40 lbs
Have a good attitude and be willing to work with others to get the job done
Strive to keep up in a fast-paced work environment
Be friendly and polite to guests any time they interact with them
Benefits of Being a Legal Employee
Joining Salt Air Properties means you’re not just taking on a summer job; you’re stepping into a role that offers real benefits and opportunities. As a W2 employee, you’re part of our team in every sense. This means you’re eligible for our benefits program, which is a big plus. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that taxes are taken care of, with deductions made directly from your pay, simplifying your tax filing process. No need to worry about tracking expenses or calculating what you owe at the end of the year.

Moreover, your job security is solid with us. You’ll enjoy the protections and rights that come with being an official employee, including contributions to Social Security and Medicare. This isn’t just about now; it’s about investing in your future.

We’re all about growth and learning here. With positions based on hourly pay that reflects your experience, you’ll find room to advance. We provide all the necessary supplies and training, so you’ll never feel out of your depth. Plus, working in a team environment means support is always available. You’re never alone at Salt Air Properties; we succeed together.
Investing in the Local Community with Seasonal Ellsworth Jobs
By focusing our hiring efforts locally for Ellsworth summer jobs and seasonal work, Salt Air Properties plays a direct role in bolstering the local economy. Every guest who chooses to stay in one of our properties contributes to the financial health of our community, and by employing local residents, we ensure that this influx of tourist dollars benefits our area directly.

This approach not only supports local businesses and services but also fosters community development. Providing employment opportunities to the youth and residents of Ellsworth allows us to contribute positively to the community’s growth. It’s about creating a cycle of prosperity that lifts everyone.

Working with Salt Air Properties is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to be part of something bigger. You’re helping to weave the fabric of the Downeast Maine community, making it stronger and more vibrant with every guest’s stay you enhance.

Why This Ellsworth Job is a Great Opportunity
Are you looking for a summer job in Ellsworth or Downeast, Maine? Maybe you want to make some extra money, or you’re thinking about your first job to start building your work history. If that sounds like you, then we’ve got a great opportunity waiting at Salt Air Properties.

Working with us isn’t just any seasonal job. It’s your chance to dive into the hospitality industry, which is all about making people happy and comfortable. You’ll learn how to prepare homes for guests, which is a big deal around here. Our guests come to relax and enjoy the beauty of Maine, and you’ll play a big part in making their vacation perfect.

But it’s not all work and no play. Imagine spending your summer in some of the most beautiful spots in Maine. You’ll be working in gorgeous vacation homes, meeting new people, and being part of a team that’s like family. We laugh, we help each other, and we take pride in our work. Plus, you’ll be making guests’ vacations memorable. When they leave happy, that’s because of what you did. That feels pretty good.
How to Apply
Ready to join us? We can’t wait to meet you at the Job Fair at Ellsworth High School on April 30th (ONLY FOR STUDENTS). We will also host an open interview day on Monday, 4/29, from 8:30 AM to 2 PM (or by appointment any time, just give us a call).

Booth of these days are a great chance to talk to us in person, learn more about the job, and show us why you’d be a great fit for our team. If you can’t make it to the job fair, don’t worry. You can still apply.

Here’s how:

Prepare your resume. Even if this is your first job, you can include things like volunteer work, school projects, or any time you’ve helped out with family businesses. It all counts.
Show your enthusiasm. When you apply, let us know why you’re excited about the job. We love to see that spark in team members.
Contact us directly. You can reach out to us by email or phone. If you visit our website, you’ll find all the details you need to get in touch.

Whether you’re looking for your first job, hoping to earn some extra money over the summer, or interested in gaining experience in the hospitality industry, this is your chance. We’re now hiring for summer Ellsworth jobs that promise more than a paycheck. You’ll be making summer in Maine unforgettable for our guests and yourself.