Vacation Rental Management

If you’re a vacation rental property owner in the Downeast region of Maine, you’re already familiar with the challenges of managing a rental property. That’s why we’re here, to help you manage your property without having it rule your life from May through September. To this end, we offer a range of services, our most comprehensive option is full management, which saves you an incredible amount of time and energy.

Property Management Services For Vacation Rental Properties

Our full-service rental management takes a bottom-up approach to rental property management, leaving nothing to chance and accounting for all elements affecting the success of your rental property. We start by assisting you with an initial property consultation, including a rental setup checklist and strategizing for how to position and price your property in the market. This ensures that your property can compete and will be most likely to turn a profit from the beginning.

Once we’ve established the foundations with assessment and strategy, we move into managing all bookings across platforms and taking on advertising and marketing. This is how we draw in paying guests to make your property the success you need it to be. We act as the point of contact for all guest needs and inquiries, freeing up your time and reducing your headaches. We will even manage all the cleaning, maintenance, guest check-ins, and check-outs.

Other Vacation Rental Management Services

We offer a range of services, from initial setup through and including full property management and guest services. Our list of specific services and offerings is considerable and summarized below for our short-term rental services.

Short Term Property Services

Initial Property Consultation

Provide emergency repair response

Pricing and Promotion Strategy

Schedule and oversee the opening and closing of the property each season

Recommendations on maintenance or improvement projects

Provide cleaning services

Promote property on our website and sites such as, Airbnb, etc.

Provide owner with monthly reporting, photos, and documentation

Management of all bookings and availability

Create/maintain a welcome manual for the home

Create high-quality photos of the home

Respond to all customer inquiries & maintain property inventory list

Who Do We Partner With?

We work with any property owner in Hancock or Washington County within a few miles of the coast who wants to rent out their property for vacation rentals, seasonally or year-round. This is perfect for property owners who have careers or families and can’t be available at the drop of a hat. We make your life easier and simpler and your property more successful. We also partner with part and full-time residents of the area to manage their properties and take care of basic maintenance, yard, work, plowing, and more.

What About Long-Term Rentals?

Salt Air Properties teams up with Statewide Property Management to offer great places to stay in Downeast Maine. Statewide helps us with long-term rentals, making sure everything runs smoothly. For short stays, Salt Air makes sure guests have a wonderful time. Together, we make sure you find the perfect spot, whether you’re staying for a couple of days or for months.

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